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--> Second hand  lab equipment sales

   All the used equipments are refurbished, calibrated and tested. They all pass the final QC testing and are ready to use as soon as  the power is turned on. Our experienced engineer will provide detail installation instructions. Optional operator training programs are also available either on site or by tele-conference. All the equipments are sold with 3-6 months refurbish warranty.

Serivce Provided:


         Example of the instrument serviced: LC mass, TECAN liquid handler, HPLC, DNA synthesizer, peptide synthesizer, spectrophotometer, plates reader.
    Example of small lab devices serviced: centrifuge, refrigerator, freezer, water bath, shaker, pipettor, autoclave, incubator.
    Example of the brands serviced: Agilent, ABI, PE, Thermo, Shimadzu, Varian, Waters, TECAN, Beckman Coulter.